Academic writing. A resource for researchers

Kristin Blanpain • Paperback

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Academic Writing assists new and established researchers in the process of writing and editing English texts. Its objectives are threefold:

- to give GUIDELINES for using academic style and language and for writing specific academic genres, such as abstracts, research proposals and especially research articles;
- to provide a wide range of vocabulary and grammar RESOURCES for practice and consultation;
- to teach learners STRATEGIES for improving and editing their own writing. The book can be used for self-study as well as in the context of an academic writing course. It can also serve as a reference work to be consulted when writing and editing texts.

About the authors:

Kristin Blanpain holds a PhD in English Literature. She is a lecturer at the Leuven Language Institute (ILT), KU Leuven, where she teaches academic writing to doctoral students in the Humanities and Social Sciences.


Auteur(s)Kristin Blanpain
Aantal pagina's242
SerieLearning English
Afmetingen247 x 173 x 15 mm.
Gewicht502 gr.

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