Deal! the bottom line of business English Course book

Adriaan d'Haens, Astrid Vandendaele, Geert Jacobs, Kristin van den Eede, Mieke Rosselle, Olaf de Pont • Paperback

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Deal! is a comprehensive pre-work Business English course for speakers of Dutch. It includes a reference book, featuring vocabulary, skills and grammar, as well as a course book, focusing on oral and written communication.

This course book includes a "business boot camp" introducing learners to what's in it for Me, My Business and My World as well as 10 free-standing chapters that look at a wide range of business-related topics from corporate culture, mergers and takeovers to marketing, globalization and innovation. It features dozens of exciting, authentic and up-to-date cases on Willy Wonka and Karl Marx, Earth Hour, big business and the Fukushima earthquake, women and Mad Men, the waterless washing machine, Ben & Jerry's and Unilever, and fake Van Goghs made in China. It draws on video materials from international media and new texts from newspapers and on-line resources.

GEERT JACOBS, ADRIAAN D'HAENS, OLAF DU PONT, MIEKE ROSSELLE, ASTRID VANDENDAELE and KRISTIN VAN DEN EEDE work in the Department of Linguistics at Ghent University, where they teach Business English at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. They have also authored Get down to Business English (Acco 2005, 2008).

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Auteur(s)Adriaan d'Haens, Astrid Vandendaele, Geert Jacobs, Kristin van den Eede, Mieke Rosselle, Olaf de Pont
UitgeverijAcco, Uitgeverij
Aantal pagina's328
Afmetingen245 x 170 x 18 mm.
Gewicht634 gr.  

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