Houses Now

Carles Broto • Paperback

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Tijdelijk niet voorradig We wachten op nieuwe voorraad van onze leverancier, er is nog geen precieze leverdatum bekend.

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25 spectacular houses are presented in this, the third volume of the brilliant Houses Now series. This publication takes us behind the houses' façades into the minds of the contributing architects, leaving no facet unexplored. Undeniably contemporary, these projects were all chosen for their ability to inspire and break away from the norm. Hundreds of color photographs and floor plans bring the reader closer to the featured projects, while explanatory texts contributed by the architects themselves offer invaluable insight into the minds behind the buildings. An inspirational selection of projects make this book an indispensable reference for all those interested in small-scale residential architecture.


Auteur(s)Carles Broto
Afmetingen267 x 254 x 25 mm.
Gewicht1570 gr.

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