Surgical Anatomy of the Abdomen

Gerrit-Jan Kleinrensink, Johan F. Lange • Paperback

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The introduction of new techniques for both open and endoscopic surgery during the last decennium has stressed the need for an updated fundamental surgical anatomical textbook for both residents and surgeons. As exposures of these new techniques often differ from conventional approaches, this book is based on a regional- rather than an operation-oriented approach, validating it for the future.

Surgical Anatomy of the Abdomen has been written with the aim of providing a thorough and accessible text. To achieve this, a new format using color-mediated legends and modern-style drawings has been chosen.

Because the impact of anatomical teaching programs at medical schools has decreased during the past decade, the contributions to this book of many internationally renowned experts underline their shared concern regarding the importance of accessing up-to-date information about fundamental surgical anatomical knowledge in modern surgical practice.

The authors who are an experienced surgeon and an anatomist hope that Surgical Anatomy of the Abdomen, by allowing the context to be grasped more easily without the need for memorizing details, will stimulate appreciation of surgical anatomy in the field of abdominal surgery.


Auteur(s)Gerrit-Jan Kleinrensink, Johan F. Lange
UitgeverijBohn Stafleu Van Loghum
Aantal pagina's348
Afmetingen240 x 168 x 15 mm.
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