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C. Hampton Jones • eBook

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The first novel in the Regency Romantic Warriors Series Lochiel Cameron, a 25-year old lieutenant in the 42nd Scottish regiment, has to escort Elisabeth (Lizzie) Campbell from Ayre to Edinburgh. Lizzie is to marry Lord John Montgomery, second son of Jonathan Montgomery, Duke of Rothford. Lord John hates the fact that he has been forced to marry Lizzie. The only reason why he does not get out of this forced marriage is that he will become a Marques of Lorna and Kintyre after his father dies, when he keeps to the promise his father made to his mother on her deathbed. Lizzie Campbell, daughter of Barry Campbell, Baron of Ayre is temperamental and arrogant. When she understands that Lord John did not want to take the trouble to escort her to Edinburgh himself, she starts, out of revenge, a relationship with Lochiel, that goes on beyond the vows between her and Lord John at the altar. After debauching Lizzie, Lord John returns to London. He leaves a devastated Lizzie behind in Edinburgh, who becomes almost a victim to his leery brother and heir to the dukedom Lord Randolph, if not for the help of her faithful servant Mattie and the worried Lady Audrey Agnew, Countess of Loghaire. Lizzie has to flee Edinburgh when she discovers that her nights of passion with Lochiel have not been without consequences. Booktrailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CeZcXVppsMI http://www.champtonjones.com/page8.html This is a Storybook edition: enhanced with collages/illustrations(Vol.1 of the Regency Romantic Warriors series.)


Auteur(s)C. Hampton Jones
UitgeverijHamptonjones Books
Aantal pagina's118
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SerieRegency romantic warriors serie
Afmetingen1 x 1 x 1 mm.
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