A Major in Distress - Part 1: Deceptions, Vol. 2 of the Regency Romantic Warriors series.-   eReader eBook

C. Hampton Jones • eBook

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Volume 2 in the Regency Romantic Warriors Series. Marguerite's atrocious, old and fat, enormously wealthy husband William Alexander is dead. Out of spite she has him buried in the worst place in London: the overflowing church in St. Gilles. When she goes back to live in her own house off Piccadilly she becomes a victim of her manipulative brother Stephen, who manages to marry her off to his heavily indebted lover Lord Philip Agnew, Viscount Morvern, after he has convinced Marguerite that her childhood admirer Hengist Agnew has married during the battles in the Peninsular Wars. Hengist comes 'home' on the night of his brother's and Marguerite's wedding and due to a chambermaid's mistake he is brought to Marguerite's bed. Because he knows that his brother will never touch her, he spends the night with her, setting situations in motion that are hard for him to control. Marguerite does not know of her husband's penchant for male lovers and his disgust of the fair sex and is happy to have a husband who 'does his duty' to her. It's just that suddenly Marguerite seems to have an altogether different husband in the daytime, than at night. Hengist feels the obligation to take care of his dementing father's, the Earl of Loghaire's, affairs. He wonders if he can ever find a solution for his dilemma regarding his brother's wife whom he loves to distraction. Booktrailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IuqqhSQU-Eo http://www.champtonjones.com/page9.html This is a STORYBOOK edition: illustrated with collages.


Auteur(s)C. Hampton Jones
UitgeverijHamptonjones Books
Aantal pagina's173
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SerieRegency romantic warriors serie
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