A Mercenary Major,part 1: the Bride, Vol. 4 in the Regency Romantic Warriors series, a Storybook edition (illustrated historical fiction).-   eReader eBook

C. Hampton Jones • eBook

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Volume 4 in the Regency Romantic Warriors Series: Kit Andover, viscount Brondemeire needs to marry. Not only because his brother is only siring girls, but also because his family is destitute. During his stay in France when the British armies are fighting Napoleon his brother Tony, Marques of Andover finds him a bride with only a few blemishes, but one big advantage: a very much needed fortune. Kit marries Anthea Faifax, daughter of an earl turned privateer by proxy. When he is severely wounded at the battle of Toulouse he can only go home after more than 6 months of marrying an unknown girl. Anthea Fairfax is unfashionably tall, rides her horses like the very Devil and knows how to run her estates. She would have caught a duke if it had not been for her fatal passion for her neighbor's son Jeffrey. After a disastrous wedding night with her first old husband her reputation is gone to tatters. Her cousin, the new earl after her father's death, sells her off to the highest bidder: Kit Andover, war-hero and womanizer. Read in this part 1 of a Mercenary Major how the nuptials come about... Booktrailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f5rigWxw98o http://www.champtonjones.com/page11.html This is a STORYBOOK edition: enhanced with illustrations.

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Auteur(s)C. Hampton Jones
UitgeverijHamptonjones Books
Aantal pagina's89
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