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Evi Pouwelse, Maurits Barendrecht, Robert Porter, Sam Muller, Wilfried de Wever • eBook

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This book offers you: Great examples of justice innovation - Advice on how to put your justice innovation act together - Help with creating a justice strategy for your country - Methods for improving your justice system at home, at work or in the community - Inspiration for the hard work that is needed to get it done This book is based on: 162 cumulative years of research and development in the justice sector by the team of authors - Key insights shared with us by more than 60 of the best justice innovators - Experiences with innovations from more than 50 countries - Reviews of the literature on innovation and reform in courts, legal services and law making institutions - What we learned from 70 rule of law experts who lead the Innovating Justice network and the countless projects they did in every corner of the world In this book we show that innovation in the justice sector is there. But the deep-seated traditions and rituals are much more visible. Now, more than ever, people are speaking up and acting to change that. They break rules of tradition and cure pains that have been lingering for far too long. Peoples future, and even their lives are at stake. An innovating justice movement can relieve the pain that will continue if courts, crime prevention and other legal services do not deliver what people need in their most difficult moments. It can make relationships between people more secure, prosperous, fair and emotionally rewarding.

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Auteur(s)Evi Pouwelse, Maurits Barendrecht, Robert Porter, Sam Muller, Wilfried de Wever
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