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This book was written by authors under the influence of Irony. Irony, or 'I' as it known, was first popularised in the sixteen century when Raleigh imported it to the Elizabethan court. The damage 'I' could cause led to its use being prohibited, and users went underground, or were weaned of its influence by using Sarcasm as a substitute (Sarcasm has greater initial effect, but wears off more quickly). It is widely believed that Noel Coward wrote under the influence of 'I' and in the sixties and seventies large numbers of people once more became addicted, when its use was immortalised by bands such as the Beatles ('I' am the walrus), The Stones ('I' can't get no (Satisfaction), and later by the Sex Pistols (Irony in the UK). Icons such as John Lennon were detained by customs in the USA (where use of irony has never been popular) after quantities of irony were found in his luggage. In the most celebrated bust of the sixties, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards were hauled in front of the break for being in possession of microscopic quantities of 'I' at Richards Redlands country house. The event gained particular notoriety because of the presence of Marianne Faithfull, who allegedly was discovered naked except for a fur rug. And on the point of placing irony in an unusual context. The publisher do not support the Campaign to legalise irony. 'I' can have serious long term effects. The publishers wish to state that they do not use irony or approve of its use, and recommended that readers of this publication undergo irony counselling should they be affected by its content.


Auteur(s)Brian Johnson, Wilkinson Paul
UitgeverijVan Haren Publishing
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