Better at business English: Grammar

Kathy Czako, Laetis Kuipers-Alting • Paperback (ENG)



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Better at business English - Grammar is designed to help you look at grammar in a new and highly practical light. The tools offered here will enable you to see and feel the building blocks of text and how they fit together to form comprehensive messages. This guided practice will help you improve the accuracy and quality of your communication, and your new skills will be useful throughout your studies and professional career. Correct business English The Beter in ... / Better at ... series is unique in its highly accessible approach, with a minimum of theory and a maximum of directly usable guidelines and examples. This book has been written directly in English by a native speaker and a near-native speaker, both of whom have extensive experience in academic programmes, higher education and the business world. Practice Each chapter starts with a brief description of its structure and main 'take-home' message, followed by clear and succinct sub-units and practical assignments. More practice material can be found on the this portal. A really practical tool Better at business English - Grammar is written for students in the Netherlands in professional higher education (HBO). Thanks to its clear, compact layout, it is ideally suited for both classroom use and independent study. The combination of book and online portal make this product a really practical tool, based on the needs and wishes of teachers and students.


Auteur(s)Kathy Czako, Laetis Kuipers-Alting
UitvoeringPaperback (ENG)
Afmetingen240 x 170 x 9 mm.
Gewicht240 gr.

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