The Judgment of Paris

Bruce Weber • Hardcover (ENG)



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Among the factors that unite both distinguished artists are an unparalleled appreciation for male athleticism and sensuality. Line, shading, color, and light mesh in fluid synchronicity. While carefully composed and precisely executed, these works all possess a compelling spark of creative spontaneity. Above all, the images reflect a sincere admiration for youth and beauty, an appreciation that is common to all periods of history. Layer upon layer of impressions guide us as we explore the heroic qualities of myth and legend, archetypes known in cultures since the dawn of humanity. Whether conveying virile manliness or boisterous boyishness, these majestic images will linger in the memory for quite some time.

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Auteur(s)Bruce Weber
UitgeverijGroothandel - Teneues
UitvoeringHardcover (ENG)
Aantal pagina's200
Afmetingen314 x 254 x 27 mm.
Gewicht700 gr.  

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