The Templar Salvation

Raymond Khoury • Paperback (ENG)



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Korte inhoud

In 325 AD, the oligarchs of the early Christian Church assembled in Nicaea. Their aim? To codify, organise and approve the tenets of the rapidly growing new faith. To separate heresy from truth and sin from faith. To collect and formalise the Bible itself. All records of the deliberations were lost or destroyed and their secrets removed from history. For a while at least.

For, one controversial heretic Islamic group - the 'hashashin' - got hold of the trove of these documents. They swiftly realised the enormous power of this knowledge and were determined to wield it for their own ends. Together with another renegade organisation - the Templar Knights - they proposed to destroy the power of the Catholic Church forever. For without the faith of the masses, what would be left? But they failed and - along with the Templars - were hunted down and brutally destroyed. But the treasure trove survived and now one man knows where to find it.


Auteur(s)Raymond Khoury
UitvoeringPaperback (ENG)
Aantal pagina's469
Afmetingen179 x 111 x 29 mm.
Gewicht254 gr.

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