Hedy Lamarr - Secrets Of A Hollywood Star

Regisseur(s): Gustav Machaty

Acteur(s): • DVD



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MGM-tycoon Louis B. Mayer called Hedy Lamarr "the most beautiful girl of the century." A psychological portrait of glamour star Hedy Lamarr who became scandalously famous in 1933 as the first nude on the screen with her appearance in the Austrian/Czech film EKSTASE. She then had an extraordinary career in more than 25 Hollywood films and don't forget her historic patent for a torpedo guided system from 1942 which serves today as the basis for mobile phones.

The documentary of Donatello & Fosco Dubini contains interviews with Mickey Rooney, Lupita Kohner, Kenneth Anger and many other personal friends of Hedy.
The 2DVD set also offers Hedy Lamarr's legendary scandal film EKTASE in an uncut version and clips by Gustav Machaty, and Hedy by Andy Warhol.


TaalDuits, Engels
OndertitelingDuits, Engels
Schermformaat16:9, 1:77:1, 4:3
GeluidsformaatDolby Digital 2.0, Mono
LeeftijdsindicatieVanaf 16 jaar
Afmetingen190 x 136 x 15 mm.
Gewicht100 gr.  



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