If I Should Fall From Gra

Shane McGowan • DVD

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A transcendent singer/songwriter and two-fisted gutter poet whose notorious drunken behavior, rotten teeth and drug-fueled excesses often threatened to eclipse his reputation as a performer, Shane MacGowan was born on Christmas Day, 1957 in Kent, England. Within months, his family returned to their native Ireland, where he spent the first several years of his life immersed in the traditional music of the Irish culture. When MacGowan was six, the family moved to London; there his talents as a writer gradually blossomed, and he won a number of poetry contests prior to his expulsion from school at the age of 14 for possession of drugs. In 1976, he attended his first Sex Pistols concert, and quickly became a regular at local punk shows; he soon formed his own band, the Nipple Erectors (renamed the Nips after releasing their 1978 debut single 'King of the Bop'). Despite finding a mentor in the Jam's Paul Weller, the Nips were largely unsuccessful, and disbanded in late 1980; MacGowan then took a job in a record store, occasionally filling in with his friend Spider Stacy's band the Millwall Chainsaws.When the Chainsaws soon split as well, MacGowan and Stacy formed the Pogues — originally dubbed Pogue Mahone, Gaelic for 'kiss my ass' — along with accordionist James Fearnley, bassist Cait O'Riordan, guitarist Jem Finer, and drummer Andrew Rankin. Hot-wiring traditional Irish music with the energy and passion of punk, the Pogues quickly developed into one of the most respected and colorful bands of their era.


  1. 1. Paddy Public Enemy No. 1
  2. 2. If I Should Fall From Grace With God
  3. 3. Infatuation
  4. 4. Gabrielle
  5. 5. Waxie's Dargle
  6. 6. Streams Of Whiskey
  7. 7. Dorty Old Town
  8. 8. The Irish Rover
  9. 9. Fiesta
  10. 10. A Rainy Night In Soho
  11. 11. Fairytale Of New York
  12. 12. White City
  13. 13. Summer In Siam
  14. 14. Song With No Name
  15. 15. That Woman's Got Me Drinking
  16. 16. Haunted
  17. 17. Lonesome Highway


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5 (Ex-USSR; Indiaas subcontinent; Afrika)
6 (China)

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