Regisseur(s): David Pountney

Acteur(s): • DVD

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  1. 1. Before The Perfomance - (No Information Available)
  2. 2. Rusalka Op. 114 (Oper In 3 Akten) (Gesam - Byles, Edward/Cannan, Phyllis/Hannan, Eilene/Howard, Ann/Macann, Rodney/Treleaven, John
  3. Ouvertüre
  4. Hei-Ya-Ho, Moonlight On The Lake Below (
  5. You Wicked Creatures
  6. Naughty Little Children
  7. Wait A Moment, Grandpapa
  8. Often At Eventide
  9. Child, I Beg You
  10. Moon High Above In The Summer Sky
  11. The Waters Icy
  12. Your Age-Old Wisdom
  13. That Is So, That Is So
  14. Now You Know What's At Stake
  15. Hocus Pocus One
  16. See Through The Wood The Hunter Ride
  17. She Leads Me Here
  18. Beautiful Vision, Fair To See
  19. Sisters, Sisters!
  20. Though But A Vision That Will Leave Me
  21. Quickly, Quickly (2. Akt)
  22. At The Midnight Hour
  23. Andante Maestoso
  24. For Seven Days
  25. Those Lovely Eyes
  26. Allegro - Andante
  27. Moderato Maestoso
  28. Sorrow, Sorrow - Seek Not From Humans, M
  29. White Are The Roses By The Way - Garland
  30. Rusalka, Here, I'm Here!
  31. He Has Been Stolen Away From Me - I Have
  32. Your Eyes Are Full Of Thoughts Unspoken
  33. But If I Set Your Heart On Fire
  34. Ice Cold In Your Frigidity
  35. Pitiless Power, Cruel Water (3. Akt)
  36. Am I To Live Life Without End
  37. Well, Well, Have You Come Back Here So S
  38. Human Blood Alone
  39. You Are A Monster
  40. You Who Sought To Live Among Men
  41. Farewell To Life And Light
  42. You Forsook The Games We Played
  43. Still So Frightened?
  44. Who Disturbs Me?
  45. Our Young Prince
  46. Why Did She Vanish
  47. Mine, Golden Hair Is Mine
  48. Dance With Me, Sisters
  49. Dance No More, My Daughters - Tears Unbi
  50. Lovely Child, Where Are You?
  51. Here I First Saw Her
  52. My Love, You Know Me Still?
  53. Why Did You Have To Lie To Me
  54. Vain Is This Mortal Sacrifice
  55. Since You Loved Me
  56. Applause

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OndertitelingDuits, Engels, Frans, Spaans, Tsjechisch
GeluidsformaatDolby Digital 2.0
Afmetingen190 x 136 x 15 mm.
Gewicht100 gr.
Regio0   0 (Regiovrij)
1 (VS; Canada)
2 (Europa; Midden Oosten; Japan; Zuid Afrika)
3 (Zuidoost Azië; Zuid-Korea; Taiwan; Hong Kong)
4 (Australië; Nieuw-Zeeland; Zuid Amerika)
5 (Ex-USSR; Indiaas subcontinent; Afrika)
6 (China)



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