Chandos Anthems Nos. 5A 6A & 8

Trinity College Choir • CD

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  1. 1. Chandos Anthem Nr. 8 HWV 253 (O Come, Let Us Sing Unto The Lord)
  2. Sonata: Largo - Allegro (004:05)
  3. Chor: O Come, Let Us Sing Unto The Lord (003:25)
  4. Arie: O Come, Let Us Worship (003:45)
  5. Chor: Glory And Worship Are Before Him (001:49)
  6. Arie Mit Chor: Tell It Out Among The Heathen That The Lord Is King (005:46)
  7. Arie: O Magnify The Lord (003:46)
  8. Arie: The Lord Preserveth The Souls Of The Saints (003:22)
  9. Arie: For Look As High As The Heaven Is (002:19)
  10. Chor: There Is Sprung Up A Light For The Righteous (002:29)
  11. 10. Sonata: Larghetto - Allegro (003:31)
  12. Chor: As Pants The Hart For Cooling Streams (003:09)
  13. Arie: Tears Are My Daily Food (003:13)
  14. Arie: Now When I Think Thereupon (001:27)
  15. Chor: In The Voice Of Praise And Thanksgiving (001:45)
  16. Duett: Why So Full Of Grief, O My Soul? (004:03)
  17. Arie Mit Chor: Put Thy Trust In God (002:49)
  18. 17. Sonata: Andante - Allegro (003:38)
  19. Chor: I Will Magnify Thee, O God (001:49)
  20. Arie: Ev'ry Day Will I Give Thanks Unto Thee (003:51)
  21. Chor: One Generation Shall Praise Thy Works Unto Another (002:10)
  22. Arie: The Lord Preserveth All Them That Love Him (002:33)
  23. Arie: The Lord Is Righteous In All His Ways (002:57)
  24. Arie: Happy Are The People That Are In Such A Case (004:01)
  25. Arie Mit Chor: My Mouth Shall Speak The Praise Of The Lord (002:54)

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PlatenmaatschappijHarmonia G - O Hyperion
Afmetingen141 x 124 x 10 mm.
Gewicht100 gr.  

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