Handel For Oboe & Orch.

Mayer • CD


  1. 1. Solomon
  2. The Arrival Of The Queen Of Sheba
  3. 2. Trio Sonata For 2 Violins And Continuo In G Minor, HWV 393 'Dresden' No. 2
  4. Largo (Arr. Andreas N. Tarkmann)
  5. 3. Concerto For Oboe D'Amore, Strings And B.C. 'verdi Prati'
  6. Allegro 'Dopo Notte' From Opera 'Ariodante', HWV 32 (Original Version)
  7. Grave From Organconcerto No.14, HWV 296A (Original Version)
  8. Larghetto 'Verdi Prati' From Opera 'Alcina', HWV 34 (Original Version)
  9. Allegro 'Tornami A Vagheggiar' From Opera 'Alcina', HWV 34 (Original Version)
  10. 7. Rinaldo (Italienisch)
  11. 'lascia Ch'io Pianga' (Zweiter Akt)
  12. 8. Concerto For Flute, English Horn, Strings And B.C. 'Amabile Baltà'
  13. Andante - Allegro 'qui L'Augel Da Pianta In Pianta' From Cantata 'aci, Galatea E Poliremo', HWV 72 (Original Version)
  14. Adagio E Staccato From Organconcerto Op.4,2, HWV 209 (Original Version)
  15. Largo 'Softly Sweet In Lydian Measures' From Oratorio 'alexander's Feast', HWV 72 (Original Version)
  16. Allegro Ma Non Troppo 'Più Amabile Beltà' From Opera 'Giulio Cesare', HWV 17 (Original Version)
  17. 12. Water Music Suite No.3 In G, HWV 350
  18. Country Dance (Arr. Andreas N. Tarkmann)
  19. 13. Concerto For Oboe, Strings And B.C. 'voli Per L'Aria'
  20. Largo 'where'er You Walk' From Oratorio 'Semele', HWV 58 (Original Version)
  21. Adagio From Organconcerto Op.4,3, HWV 291 (Original Version)
  22. Allegro 'Hence, Iris, Hence Away' From Oratorio 'Semele', HWV 58 (Original Version)
  23. Largo 'Will The Sun Forget To Streak' From Oratorio 'Solomon', HWV 67 (Original Version)
  24. Allegro 'voli Per L'Aria' From Cantata 'tra Le Fiamme', HWV 170 (Original Version)
  25. 18. Serse (Arr. Andreas N. Tarkmann)
  26. Ombra Mai Fu (Act 1)
  27. 19. Concerto For Oboe, Bassoon, Harpsichord And B.C. 'Piagge Serene'
  28. Adagio From Organconcerto Op.7,4, HWV 309 (Original Version)
  29. Allegro From Organconcerto Op.7,4, HWV 309 (Original Version)
  30. Adagio From Sonata A Cinque, HWV 288 (Original Version)
  31. Minuett 'In Queste Amene' From Cantata 'Il Delirio Amoroso', HWV 99 & Suite For Cembalo No.3, HWV 436 (Original Version)
  32. 23. Harpsichord Suite No.5 In E HWV 430 'The Harmonious Blacksmith'
  33. Variations For Oboe, Bassoon And Harpsichord (Arr. Andreas N. Tarkmann)

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PlatenmaatschappijDeutsche Grammophon
Afmetingen141 x 124 x 10 mm.
Gewicht100 gr.



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