Sacred Concertos Vol.3

Russian State Symphonie Capella • CD

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  1. 1. Geistliches Konzert Nr. 17
  2. How Amiable Are Thy Tabernacles, O Lord Of Hosts! (004:04)
  3. As The Lord Loves Mercy And Truth (002:39)
  4. Blessed Is The Man That Trusteth In Thee (001:48)
  5. 4. It Is A Good Thing Ti Give Thanks Unto The Lord (002:24)
  6. Upon An Instrument Of Ten Strings (000:56)
  7. For Thou, Lord, Hast Made Me Glad Through Thy Work (003:08)
  8. Let All Rejoice That Trusts In Thee (001:45)
  9. 8. The Lord Said Unto My Lord: Sit Thou At My Right Hand (003:52)
  10. The Lord Shall Send The Rod Of Thy Strength Out Of Zion (002:47)
  11. In The Beauties Of Holiness From The Womb Of The Morning (001:44)
  12. 11. In Thee, O Lord, Do I Put My Trust (002:37)
  13. Let Me Never Be Put To Confusion (001:58)
  14. For Thou Art My Hope, O Lord God (006:12)
  15. And Hitherto Have I Declared Thy Wondrous Works (002:05)
  16. 15. He That Dwelleth In The Secret Place Of The Most High (004:31)
  17. Surely He Shall Deliver Thee From The Snare Of The Fowler (004:10)
  18. He Shall Call Upon Me, And I Will Answer Him (001:40)
  19. 18. The Lord Is My Light And My Salvation (001:41)
  20. Though An Host Should Encamp Against Me (001:22)
  21. For In The Time Of Trouble He Shall Hide Me In His Pavillion (003:18)
  22. I Will Sing, Yea, I Will Sing Praises Unto The Lord (001:44)
  23. 22. Blessed Is The People That Know The Joyful Sound (003:41)
  24. Then Thou Spakest In Vision To The Holy One (003:09)
  25. I Will Set His Hand Also In The Sea (001:34)
  26. My Mercy Will I Keep For Him Forevermore (001:10)


Afmetingen141 x 124 x 10 mm.
Gewicht100 gr.  



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