Swings Both Ways

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Robbie Williams brengt op vrijdag 15 november zijn nieuwe album ‘Swings Both Ways’ uit. Op het album, de opvolger van ‘Swing When You’re Winning’ uit 2001, staan naast een aantal klassiekers uit het swing-tijdperk ook een zestal nieuwe nummers.

Met Lily Allen zingt Robbie ‘Dream A Little Dream’, op ‘Little Green Apples’ is Kelly Clarkson te horen en Olly Murs doet mee op ‘I Wan’na Be Like You’. Nieuwe nummers zijn onder meer ‘Soda Pop’ (met Michael Buble) en de titeltrack ‘Swings Both Ways’, die hij samen met Rufus Wainwright zingt. Robbie schreef de nieuwe nummers samen met Guy Chambers, met wie hij voor het eerst sinds 2009 weer samenwerkt.

Robbie Williams: “First of all, I wanted to do a Swing album because I wanted to do a Swing album. I always knew I’d do another and I think now is the perfect time to do it. I’m enjoying showbiz and I’m enjoying my life and my understanding of where I am now is that there needs to be an event every time I bring out a record. The album this time is a definite ode and a loving glance towards a period on the planet that I was never invited to ‘coz I wasn’t there….I wanted to be, which I feel still very strongly linked to.

Going in I planned it to be very similar to the last one, and then I realised – that’s actually not what I wanted. It’s different – it’s not all covers. I had some songs that I wanted the world to hear and check out and maybe become part of the fabric of their lives, if I’m lucky enough, that I’ve had a hand in writing. So it’s very, very similar to the last one, and very different – and hopefully I’m off to romance the world!”.

‘Swings Both Ways’ werd geproduceerd door Guy Chambers.


  1. 1. Shine My Shoes - Williams, Robbie (003:24)
  2. 2. Go Gentle - Williams, Robbie (004:31)
  3. 3. I Wan'na Be Like You - Murs, Olly / Williams, Robbie (003:31)
  4. 4. Swing Supreme - Williams, Robbie (003:17)
  5. 5. Swings Both Ways - Wainwright, Rufus / Williams, Robbie (003:59)
  6. 6. Dream A Little Dream - Allen, Lily / Williams, Robbie (003:34)
  7. 7. Soda Pop - Bublé, Michael / Williams, Robbie (003:19)
  8. 8. Snowblind - Williams, Robbie (003:19)
  9. 9. Puttin' On The Ritz - Williams, Robbie (002:32)
  10. 10. Little Green Apples - Clarkson, Kelly / Williams, Robbie (003:17)
  11. 11. Minnie The Moocher - Williams, Robbie (003:42)
  12. 12. If I Only Had A Brain - Williams, Robbie (003:53)
  13. 13. No One Likes A Fat Pop Star - Williams, Robbie (002:54)


Afmetingen141 x 124 x 10 mm.
Gewicht100 gr.

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