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Ethics & Business

"Today, being designated a ¿good company¿ entails not only striving for continuity and profitability, but also having an eye on integrity and social responsibility.
Companies are increasingly called to account on their role in society and their environmental impacts.
Public debates and stakeholder dialogues on these issues abound. Societies are becoming more complex, and companies are constantly confronted with new dilemmas, resulting from new scientific and technological developments and globalisation.

Ethics & Business describes and analyses these developments from an ethical perspective, involving comprehensive casuistry. Strategies and tools are discussed that help businesses improve the ethical quality of their decision making, such as integrity training and social and ethical audits. The book offers a fundamental framework for understanding the recent developments in integrity management and corporate social responsibility and how to put these into practice.

In 2002, Ethics & Business won the J.J.F. van den Bergh Prize for best book in applied behavioural science. The jury wrote:

¿In spite of its complex subject matter, the book¿s pleasant writing style and the inclusion of easily recognisable examples make it very readable. Ethics & Business is highly recommended to every entrepreneur who, as any entrepreneur should, engages in self-reflection and reflection on the business¿ actions from time to time. This type of book should be part of every self- and society-respecting company¿s library.¿

This English edition is based on the sixth Dutch edition, that was ­completely updated and revised in 2006.

Ronald Jeurissen is professor of Business Ethics at Nyenrode Business Universiteit.

The series Management in Society treats academic and practical subjects in the fields of business ethics and corporate social responsibility, with the aim of deepening theoretical understanding and offering practical support to directors and managers. The series originated from the strategic alliance between the European Institute for Business Ethics, a division of Nyenrode Business Universiteit, and PricewaterhouseCoopers¿ Sustainability Solutions Department.

Ethics & Business

Foreword to the English Edition 1

Introduction 3

Part 1 Principles

1 Business ethics and corporate social responsibility
1.1 Society demands corporate responsibility
1.2 The business ethics perspective
1.3 Ethics and profit
1.4 Is legislation not enough?
1.5 Corporate social responsibility

2 Moral responsibility in organisations
2.1 Definition of moral responsibility
2.2 Factors influencing moral responsibility within the organisation
2.3 Managing responsibility
2.4 The moral responsibility of organisations

3 Integrity
3.1 Integrity and trust
3.2 Integrity as a professional responsibility
3.3 Managing integrity

4 Values and moral norms in organisations
4.1 Values, virtues and moral norms
4.2 Moral principles
4.3 Moral rights
4.4 Justice
4.5 Utilitarian ethics
4.6 Conflicting moral principles
4.7 Moral dilemmas
4.8 Care
4.9 Are moral judgements subjective?

5 Corporate social responsibility and strategy
5.1 Corporate social responsibility or profit maximisation?
5.2 Competitive strategies for corporate social responsibility

6 Business stakeholders
6.1 Economic and social stakeholders
6.2 Stakeholders and governance
6.3 Stakeholder dialogue and co-operation

Part 2 Applications

7 Responsibility towards consumers
7.1 Product responsibility
7.2 Consumer growth (but not in a good way)
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